Alexis Gonzales, Exam Room Assistant

    I’ve been an animal lover all my life. When I was younger I always chose to watch Animal Planet over cartoons. My family has had a lot of different pets, and I always tried to add to our menagerie of stray pets I’d find in the neighborhood. My dad wasn’t so supportive of this endeavor, however. When I started to make my way into the working world, I started work at a pediatrician’s office despite my overwhelming desire to work with animals. The town that I was living in did not have a wide variety of animal jobs available, so, at the time, this was the best choice for me. Eventually, I had to follow my heart and received my Veterinary Assistant degree and started working in the veterinary field.

    I am currently engaged to my lovely fiancé with whom I have a 3-year son. My son is following in my footsteps as an animal lover. We currently have a chocolate lab named Gunnar and a shar-pei mix named Vayda. My son is best friends with them both! My dream in life is to have many more dogs and have my own home rescue center.