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    Dental Health Care

    Our pets’ teeth affect the health of their entire bodies. Without good oral hygiene, pets can easily develop a dental disease, which can spread and contribute to heart and kidney disease.

    Signs of oral and dental diseases in dogs and cats include:

    • Bad breath
    • Loose teeth or teeth that are discolored or covered in tartar
    • Shying away from you when you touch around your pet’s mouth
    • Drooling or dropping food
    • Bleeding from the mouth
    • Loss of energy, appetite or weight loss (this combination can be a result of many different diseases, so schedule an exam at Eastown Veterinary Clinic as soon as possible if your pet is exhibiting these symptoms)

    After examining your pet’s teeth and gums, your Eastown veterinarian will recommend a complete oral health assessment and treatment, which requires general anesthesia, or options for at-home dental care. What we recommend for your pet will depend on the degree of your pet’s dental disease.

    Eastown Veterinary Clinic’s Dr. Happel is passionate about veterinary dentistry and has spent hundreds of extra hours acquiring advanced training in veterinary dental care. She can provide dental treatments and accepts referrals for orthodontics, endodontics, advanced periodontal surgery and advanced oral surgery such as mass removals and jaw fracture repairs.

    Schedule an appointment for an oral health examination at Eastown Veterinary Clinic online or by calling 616-649-1075.

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