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    Emery Eriksen, Exam Assistant

    Hi, I am Emery. I’m from the Detroit area. Growing up I loved playing soccer and having pets. I went to Madonna University and got my degree in Criminal Justice back in 2006. I worked several different jobs from a parole officer to a private investigator and several in-between but none that I loved. In that time I had acquired 5 rescue dogs (border collie and variances of them) and was inspired by the idea of opening a rescue myself. I bought a house with a couple acres and some out buildings to start. I took in one stray, got all medical needs taken care of, and adopted him out. Through some unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to pursue this passion any further. I married my wife who was my college sweetheart. We moved out to Grand Rapids in 2017 for her career. Since being here, I’ve been fortunate to work at a humane society and a local animal hospital. I love getting to work with animals day in and day out being able to provide help, care, and love. At home it’s just my lovely wife Bethany, our dog Latte, and our cat Kaffe, but there is always a risk I come home with a new family member. When I’m not at work you can find me at home with the animals, a local brewery, traveling or at a Griffin’s game.