Erin Duryea, Client Service Representative

    I grew up across the street from my Aunt and Uncle’s farm, which had cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep and a horse. I spent a lot of time at their farm with my older cousins learning how to care for all different types of animals. My cousins are a big part of why I have such a strong passion for animals. After deciding that becoming a veterinarian wasn’t my true calling, I knew I still wanted to do something with animals. All of my previous jobs have been in customer service, which I love, but something was still missing. Once I started working at Eastown Veterinary Clinic, I knew that this was where I belonged! Being in an environment that has so much passion for animals and working with people who truly care, is one of the best places to be!
    My husband and I currently live just outside of Grandville but are looking to move to the country. We do not have any children as of now, so our pets are our babies! We have two Pit Bulls, Aspen and Chief, who are both rescues, and a cat named Zelda, who we adopted from family friends. My favorite part of the night is cuddling up with my babies on the couch with a fluffy blanket!

    Outside of loving my pets and working, I enjoy anything outside! (As long as it’s not snowing)! I guess you could call me more of a “Fall” kind of person. Between all of the breath-taking colors that Fall offers in Michigan and all of the bonfires I’m able to attend, Fall is my favorite time of year! You could also call me a bit of a sports fanatic, whether it’s playing sports outside or watching a great Michigan State Spartans game. GO GREEN!!