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    Kenzie Clark, Exam Assistant Team Lead, Sales and Marketing Manager

    Hello, I’m Kenzie! Growing up, I was always extremely passionate about animals, leading me to pursue a Biology degree from Grand Valley State University. Throughout school, I did volunteer work with John Ball Zoo and other wildlife rehabilitation organizations as I decided what avenue I wanted to pursue further. Meanwhile, I worked as a makeup artist for the Estee Lauder company, Clinique, and started doing my own freelance makeup artistry, leading me down a different path for a while. I sometimes feel like I have lived many lives! I wanted to get back into an animal-related field and started working with Eastown Veterinary Clinic because I recognized not only the high standard of care but the true emphasis the staff place on continuing education to provide that gold standard. I have my own baby girl, Ripley Blue, a (currently) ten-month-old blue merle Australian Shepherd who is the love of my life! She is a true ‘velcro dog’ and we do everything together, especially cuddling in the mornings, road trips (including the 1468 miles we drove to get her!), running, and anything involving a ball. I am the stereotypical girl who always misses her puppy, so if you bring in your shepherd, I am probably the one who asks to come say hello! If I’m not working or with Miss Rip, I love to play sports and hang out with my family and friends.