Kristin Miller, Exam Assistant

    Kristin Miller

    I started working at Eastown in July 2018! I have always had a passion for animals and felt a strong connection with my pets since I was a kid. My first job at 15 was actually at an animal hospital in which I cared for the animals that stayed to board at the facility (dog/cat ward.)

    I have worked in the cosmetic industry in skin care/beauty, as well as human medicine for several years, but as of recent, I felt that my heart was telling me that I should be back working with animals. It is so rewarding to care for and help to assist treating animals with our amazing Veterinarians and staff! We have such high standards at our office and I am very proud of the services and care that we provide. Currently, I’m in the process of pursuing my veterinary technician degree.

    I currently reside in Lowell with my husband, our Bluetick Coonhound, Aspen and our other Senior Coonhound mix, Ruby. We love going for walks on the trail and playing at the park so that our hounds can use their noses and exert their extra energy! When I have spare time I’m mostly a homebody; I love to watch movies/shows on Netflix with my husband, or read a good book.