Megan Wendholt, CSR Team Lead

    Growing up, I had two great loves that stood out among other interests of mine – dogs & the TV show “Friends.” I found dogs to be so easy and enjoyable to be around; unconditional love at the price of a little exercise, some food, and some scratches behind the ears. Similarly, I found “Friends” to be relatable and hilarious. These loves led to my desire to grow up and have six dogs; Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Ross & Joey.

    Fast forward to present day: I am not quite to my full pack yet, but I do have two Siberian huskies, Chandler & Luke. Chandler came to me as a “please move to GrandRapids with me and take care of our new puppy” incentive from my would-be husband, and Luke came to us from a husky rescue website (which my husband has since banned me from visiting). We like to think that Luke’s full name is Luke Skywalker.

    Born and raised inWest Lafayette, Indiana, I attended Purdue University as a Public Relations& Advertising major, where I met my husband, Jason. My career has led me through the marketing and IT worlds, where I had the opportunity to work with the Eastown Vet staff as a client prior to joining the team. My set of skills includes organization, operations and communication; however I have found that my true calling is working in a role that contributes to the well-being of animals.

    I am so excited to beworking here at Eastown Vet! I could not ask for a team that is more fun andsupportive to work with. The veterinary field can certainly have its ups anddowns and although every day is not necessarily full of puppy kisses, I am sohappy to say that I do leave work every day feeling proud of what I do!