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    After-Hours Veterinary Support

    After-Hours Veterinary Support

    Emergency? Not an emergency?
    We’ll let you know.

    At Eastown, we understand that things can come up at night and on weekends with your pets. This is why we have partnered with GuardianVets to provide you with after-hours veterinary support!

    After-Hours Support:
    Monday-Friday: 6pm – Midnight
    Weekends: 24/7

    A licensed tech or DVM will answer after hours and inform you if your pet’s situation is an emergency or if it can wait until the next day. If it can wait until the next day, we will put you on our schedule!

    As pet owners ourselves, we know the anxiety and panic when that sets in when you are worried something may be wrong. To connect with After-Hours support, you can call Eastown at (616) 723-8069 on nights and weekends to be directly connected to an expert at GuardianVets.