24-hour clinics:

  • Animal Emergency Hospital (Plainfield Ave.): 616.361.9911
  • Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners (Michigan St.): 616.723.0015
Pet Poison Help:
  • ASPCA: 888.426.4432
  • Pet Poison Helpline: 800.213.6680
The Humane Society of West Michigan: 616.453.8900

Kent County Animal Shelter & Animal Control: 616.632.7300

Microchipping and its benefits

Microchips are tiny electronic devices, about the size of a grain of rice, that use radio waves to transmit identification information. Pet microchips store unique identification numbers that show once the chip is scanned. This number can be reported to the appropriate microchip company where the owners' contact information is stored. Microchips are made of a material that is compatible with body tissues, so rejection and infection at the site of microchip injection are rare.

Microchips may move slightly once they're injected, but they typically stay in the general area of where they're initially placed. Chips can be read by passing a compatible scanner over them. Different microchip companies use different kinds of chips, but most scanners can read all kinds of chips.

Why you should identify your pet with a microchip:

  • Many lost pets are never returned to their owners because the pets do not have any form of identification.
  • Microchips are a permanent form of pet identification that can never be lost.
  • Microchipping is a simple, quick procedure that we can complete in an office exam.
Remember: Microchips must be registered with a microchip company before they can ever reunite you with your pet. Registering a microchip connects your contact information to that chip, so it is useless when it's not registered.

Animal shelters, humane societies, and veterinary clinics all have microchip scanners that can retrieve your contact information and help reunite you with your pet if your pet ever becomes lost.

We have made the transition to HomeAgain TempScan Microchips! These support our Fear Free approach to our patient care by allowing a temperature to be taken without being invasive!

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