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    Eastown Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a dedicated surgical suite. Every surgical patient at our veterinary hospital receives an anesthesia and pain control plan specifically tailored to their weight and any health concerns. Every patient undergoing general anesthesia receives an IV catheter and IV fluids that are administered throughout the procedure to maintain adequate blood pressure and oxygenation to essential organs.

    We use a surgical heating blanket to keep our patients’ body temperature normal throughout the surgical procedure, as low body temperature can contribute to anesthetic complications. A licensed veterinary technician monitors heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure, blood oxygenation and depth of anesthesia the duration of general anesthesia to ensure the safest surgical experience for your pet. A surgical assistant sits with your pet during recovery and alerts the veterinarian if there are any concerns.

    Eastown Veterinary Clinic’s veterinarians perform several surgical procedures under our safe anesthesia, including:

    • Spays and neuters
    • Gastropexy
    • Intestinal foreign body removal
    • Mass removal in the skin or abdominal cavity
    • Oral surgery, like extraction of diseased teeth, mass removals, and jaw fracture repairs

    If you suspect your pet may need to undergo surgery, please call Eastown Veterinary Clinic at 616-649-1075 to schedule a consultation with one of our wonderful veterinarians. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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