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    Brandy Weidenfeller, Team Lead, Licensed Veterinary Technician

    I was born an “Army brat.” Both parents were enlisted in the United States Army and stationed at the Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma. I was primarily raised in Michigan, though. I have always had a love of animals, but my family wasn’t able to afford a cat or dog. So I had gerbils for the most part until I got a barn kitten while on a family vacation in Pennsylvania and I guess you can say it was all “up-hill” from there.
    I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology from Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Technology Program and received my license as a veterinary technologist in May 2012. I have been working in the veterinary field for over 10 years. I have a strong interest and passion in equine medicine, small animal dentistry, and feline health/medicine.

    After graduation, I took a position at a large equine facility in Lexington, Kentucky as their Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technician; performing numerous MRIs on anesthetized equine (horse) patients. I loved being able to produce images that could explain to owners the cause of lameness in their equine (speaking from experience with lameness issues in my own horse). However, I missed my family, farm, and just plain Michigan; everything was calling me back. After returning to Michigan, I obtained a position with Eastown Veterinary Clinic. The moment I walked through the doors for my interview I knew this was the place I wanted and needed to be.

    I currently live in Six Lakes on my farm with my eight feline friends (Tilly, Zerconi, Lil Dude, Nubbs, Battie, Tori, Dusty, and Tooger), one horse (Sweetie Pie), several chickens, ducks and a swan. ALL of them have a story to tell, especially my feline family who are all rescued.

    Future aspirations include becoming specialized in dentistry and working in feline rescue. In my spare time, I like to garden, ride horses, tinker around with numerous artistic endeavors, and just hang with my friends and best friend (mom) around the farm doing the normal chores.