EVC Client shows off baking skills on Netflix show!

    At EVC, we know all of our clients are amazing people. But we are continually impressed when we hear of the wonderful things they have achieved!

    Tanya Eby has been bringing her dogs, Reggie and Pepper, to Eastown Veterinary Clinic for several years.



    “Eastown Vet does a great job of helping us keep them healthy, and we’re really grateful,” Tanya said.

    Tanya is a talented writer and audiobook narrator, who also owns Blunder Woman Productions, an indie audiobook publishing company.

    But her feats in the kitchen brought her added celebrity, when she appeared on the Netflix series “Nailed It!” The show features struggling bakers facing immensely-challenging cake designs. The results, of course, are hysterical.

    Tanya said the idea for applying for the show actually came from her kids.

    “My kids and I watched the first season of “Nailed It” and they jokingly said I should apply for it, since it’s for people who aren’t the best at baking,” Tanya said. “I love baking things, and do it just for fun. My son is becoming quite the pastry chef, and my daughter is amazing at decorating. When I make something, they tell me “Good job!” in the same tone that I used to complement their macaroni creations from school. It’s fun when your kids are better at something than you are.”

    Tanya applied for the show, filmed baking videos and did casting interviews. She said she was shocked when she was cast for the show.

    Tanya flew to Burbank for the show, and said actually being on the show was one of the best experiences she has ever had.

    Tanya, during her appearance on “Nailed It!”

    “My co-contestants, Lily Orn and Brian Cookstra, were terrific, and we sort of all decided to support each other before filming,” she said. “It was super high stress, exhausting, and a whirlwind. It was also hilarious. And the judges…they’re terrifically funny people.”

    Tanya’s challenges included making a fondant animal and baking a cake featuring fondant penguins skiing down a giant mountain.

    While her results were hilariously far from the prototype, she did well enough to actually win the episode.

    “Humor is so important. It soothes, supports, and somehow magically connects us,” she said. “And it helps to be able to laugh at yourself, especially when you fail so beautifully at something.”

    While Tanya will continue to be successful as a writer and narrator, she doesn’t anticipate appearing on any more cooking or baking shows.

    “I don’t think they’d let me near Top Chef, unless it was to hold a cue card,” she joked.

    To learn more about Tanya Eby, visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TanyaEbyNarrator/

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