Jamie Rozema, Licensed Veterinary Technician

    I was born and raised here in Grand Rapids. Growing up we had a family dog named Cody, a lab/golden who was my best friend, and a couple cats. I was that kid who was always catching something; frogs, toads, the neighbors’ cat, even the occasional bird. Animals always fascinated me. As a kid I would rather hangout with a dog than the people at social gatherings.

    After high school I attended Calvin College for 2 years as I was undecided on a major. I knew I had a passion for animals, but I also knew I did not want to be a veterinarian. I do not like the idea of making the big decisions about each case. During my 2nd year at Calvin, I found out about the role of the veterinary technician. As I did more research, I knew I had found my calling. This was the first time that work or school actually looked fun to me. This was a position where I could help gather all the pieces of the puzzle for each case to assist the doctor in making the best decision possible for each patient.

    I graduated from Baker College in Muskegon with an Associates of Applied Science in June 2013. Shortly after that I obtained my veterinary technician license. I worked at a small animal clinic straight out of school for 4 years before I found Eastown. I was hired here in May 2017. Every day I am impressed with this beautiful facility and the amazing standard of care that we strive to provide for our patients and clients. This field is my passion; I love the hands-on work with our patients, and educating pet owners in animal care. Every day is different, so life as an LVT is never boring!

    I now live with my husband and our four-legged fur-baby, a Lab/German Shortair Pointer named Joey. He is such a good dog and brings so much joy to our little family. In our free time we enjoy camping, fires, going to the beach, attending concerts, discovering new breweries, or hanging out at home watching Netflix.